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Paediatric Dentistry

At 321dental our experienced professionals offer a full range of dental services for babies, kids, and adolescents, from the prevention of oral diseases to deciduous teeth prosthetics under conscious sedation. The paediatric treatment is performed in a relaxed and well-equipped modern environment with the most advanced devices, such as a non-threatening ‘antiphobic’ dental chair, very comfortable and minimally invasive cordless x-ray phosphor plates of all sizes, including size 0 for 6-month-old babies, rectangular x-ray tube, minimising child’s exposure, local anaesthetic injection needless device (STA, Single Tooth Anaesthesia computer-controlled system), visual computer dental programme to simplify parents understanding of dental treatment planning and more.

Our specialists are devoted to providing your kids with the extensive dental support they need 24 hours 7 days a week online and 6 days a week in person.

We deliver outstanding paediatric oral care support, providing:

  • Full range of Paediatric dental services in a stress-free dental practice

  • An emphasis on a comprehensive preventive paediatric dentistry

  • Up-to-date initial caries detection methods

  • Minimally invasive restorative approach

  • All types of baby teeth crowns, including aesthetic strip crowns

  • Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment and prevention

  • Paediatric pulp treatment, including pulpotomy and root canal treatment

  • Fissure sealants using Japanese preventive light cure materials

  • Psychological paediatric relaxation techniques

  • Emergency support

  • Aesthetic paediatric dental restorations

  • Dental phobia management

  • Non-invasive conscious sedation

  • Early malocclusion prevention

  • Dental trauma support




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Oral/Dental Trauma:
Dental or oral trauma is one of the most common childhood injuries when the teeth are fractured, wobbly or moved out of their position, knocked out, or there is a soft tissue injury inside the oral cavity. Our specialists offer a full range of proper oral/dental trauma management, including meticulous assessment of the mouth and teeth, low-grade x-ray evaluation, if needed, minimally invasive treatment using psychological paediatric techniques (splints, tooth repositioning, replantation and so on), future possible trauma preventive measures, and profound explanation of home behaviour after the injury, follow-up.

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