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Our Team
Leo Rom
Leo Mashensky
Vana Vlastaki
Dr Leo Rom

Dental Surgeon PhD

Qualified in Cologne, Germany in 1995, working in Londonsince 1999

Dr Leo Mashensky

Dental Surgeon

Qualified in Frankfurt, Germany in 1995, working in Londonsince 1997

Dr Vana Vlastaki

Dental Surgeon

Qualified in Budapest, Hungary in 1999. Worked in Athens, Greece for 10 years until moving to London in 2011 where she works ever since

Irina Volk Hygienist_edited.jpg
Irina Volk

Dental Hygienist

Rasa Virsyle

Dental Hygienist

Erika Sabkauskiene
Irina Volk
Rasa Virsyle
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